The Muse Coffee Company exists to bring community to the masses. We love the craft of coffee and all the nuances of the bean. Small-batch, artisanally roasted coffee is our passion. With that said, it's only a tool to bring about community. We love people loving people at our shop. Our customers have a wide range of taste buds and life stories, and we value everyone that steps foot into our doors. This is why we offer a variety of coffees, be it an Ethiopian with a nuance of blueberry or the dark roasted earthy goodness of our Mocha Java blend.  We have coffee to fit everyone’s taste buds

We roast on an USRC 12k machine and are honing our craft more and more every day. We have been roasting our coffee since 2009 and continue to expand across the country. We have direct trade relationships with farmers providing ethically sourced and sustainable coffee from many regions right to our roastery door. As we continue to grow, we continue to learn, teach, and serve those around us.