Revelation Espresso

Revelation Espresso


Medium roast of Souther American and African coffees with notes of smoky chocolate, toasted praline, sweet toffee and berry.  Perfect for espresso or brewed by the cup.

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Steven Suarez
A wonderful revelation!

I’ve prepared this wonderful coffee several different ways. In my aeorpress, in a stovetop metal espresso machine and in a reusable K-cup. And wow, it’s great in all 3.

It’s got that Ethiopian and Veracruz taste to it I love. Real earthy and meaty. Not sweet, but bitter, in a good way. If you need a good kick to start your workday, I would use the espresso machine.

But if you don’t have a ton of time, throw it in a K cup and hit the road. It will give you the energy you need and the taste you desire.

I highly recommend this wonderful blend, and I’ll happily be ordering more. You won’t be dissatisfied :)

Jessica Muse
Broken cup and NO response from company.

When I received my package, the mug that I ordered was broken. I have tried SEVERAL times to contact the company, and have yet to hear anything from them.


These are some of my favorite espresso beans!

Amy Smissen
The Best

Seriously takes me right back to grabbing my coffee to go. So thankful to be able to purchase this from states away to have a cup of my favorite joe.